Havana Syndrome Organization (Havana Syndrome, Inc.) was created to help Victims harassed, assaulted &/or tortured by Criminal Use of Direct Energy Weapons. (501(c)(3) pending. Our purpose is to:

  • Provide support for Victims of Havana Syndrome.
  • Research and Investigate the illnesses and injuries of the Victims in effort to HELP find out WHICH Direct Energy Weapons including Acoustics, Microwave and other remote technologies were used to harass, assault &/or torture these Victims.
  • Establish a medical facility that treats these injuries.

Havana Syndrome was established during the year of 2016 when American Embassy Workers worldwide began reporting a set of symptoms / injuries as a result of directed energy weapons attacks and harassments which include: headaches, fatigue, hearing and vision loss, severe and debilitating cognitive impairment, tinnitus, brain fog, vertigo, hair breakage – from electroshocks also loss of motor control, hot and cold flashes, chronic sinusitis and dry eyes.

Its effects are complex, painful, and inconsistent. Some victims have described being bombarded by waves of pressure in their heads. While a few reported hearing the noise that sounds similar to an immense swarm of cicadas filling their heads. Others portray the effects as a wall of sound, in one place but not another, as if they are deliberately stalked.

Managed by: Direct Energy Weapons Agency, Inc.